Between treasure hunt and escape game, our app takes you through the settlement to discover its history and fun facts. Join the fun, dive into one of the scenarios and solve riddles to complete the game.

An escape game with the town as play-room
– Simulations (do you know how our sundial work?)
– Digital interactions to navigate the game without affecting the surroundings (who said you should take down these paintings to find a hidden message?!)

Info and tips following your progression
(because you may wonder)
– Information about history and society (what is this bell doing here?)
– Tips to navigate town in a safe and responsible way (see this bird? Don’t mess with it, here is the way)

3 Scenario for different ages

– Sysselmann’s secret: a fiction based on history. Dwell into the post WWII town to find clues and retrieve the final code protecting long lost documents. Discover and use information to solve puzzles and riddles!
Age 15+ (more investigation with a lot to read)

– Aurora Travel – Saving Threa: a parallel world reachable through northern lights, a secret society, an imminent threat. Will you help the resistance in time?
Age 12+ (extra guiding information not required to play)

– Following Pr. Challenger’s steps: 
8 independent chapters to fit during your stay. To count in the victory, chapters have to be fully completed before starting a new one.
Age 8-12 (as few to read as possible, need an adult to supervise, access to the extra info for the adults)

A variety of minigames to chase away boredom

Puzzles: jigsaw, rotation, switching…
Memory, Pairing…
Find objects:
in a picture, yes, but why not around you?
Find differences:
compare pictures to reality!
Riddles and poems
hidden messages
Finding and matching clues…

How does it work?

– Buy tickets from us or via Visit Svalbard.
Alternatively, you can buy them through the app but it is more expensive.

Download the app Hunt and Escape

You get a code to enter that will give you the corresponding tickets. Use the tickets to play different scenario or to share with other players on their own phone.

Once a ticket is assigned to a player and a scenario, it is not possible to change it.

– Play the game and earn a reward voucher.
You can redeem the voucher in a list of local shops: Skinnboden, Barbara Foto og Ramme, Café Huskies

Price 399kr/ticket, special launching offer 319kr/ticket until end of February 2024.