Tour bookable online on Visit Svalbard website:

Those tours are already set as described. The price is fixed and the topic is displayed in the title.
– Citywalk 459NOK/pers
– Citywalk with Arctic Meal or with 30min Thai massage 950NOK/pers
– Lectures 45min 150NOK/pers
– Scavenger hunts 150NOK/pers
– Photohike and customised hikes depends on the duration: the first guests to book will decide the interest of the hike and it will be displayed in the title.
– We also put in there customised tours that people allow you to book. Read the title carefully. Price is defined when we create the tour.

note: If you book a customised tour/hike online, and are the only guest, we financially can’t offer the tour. We will offer you to move it to another date, go on a equivalent tour with another company, or cancel it. If you really want to maintain the tour, it would be asked a additional 50% of the price, so that we can cover the cost of the tour.

Customised tours, on request:

Each tour is specific and calls for a quotation (duration, food included, specific transport…).
The price is given in NOK/pers. If you’re allowed to join and there are places available, you will find them online under our customised tours.

Private tours, on request:

For a private guide or if specific requirements prevent other people to join the tour, the price per person is calculated as usual, but the total will be for 3 participants minimum.
Examples: 2 persons on a private trip pay for 3.
3 persons and above pay the normal price per person.

Organisation of your stay:

When we organise your stay, with or without accommodation, we make one or several propositions in your budget, that fit your interests and requirements. You can then chose among them, or make some rearrangement. To start working on those propositions, we ask you :
a fee depending on the duration of your stay (whatever the size of the group): this pays for our organisational work and is not refundable since, whatever the outcome, the work is done;
a deposit for the accommodation and/or activities. This deposit represent 10% of the usual budget for an equivalent stay (duration and size of the group). It is included in your payment, and will be deduced from the total sum you have to pay after you decided on your program. The deposit is not refundable and is lost if you use our informations to do part or totality of the booking by yourselves (which is just a loss of time for you, since we apply the same prices as those you get online).
– 2 persons stay 3 days and book activities but no accommodation. The fee is 250NOK and the deposit is 2400*2*10%=480NOK. They pay 730NOK before we start working. We agree on a program that cost 3000NOK/pers, they still have to pay 6000-480=5520NOK.
– 4 persons stay 4 days with 3 nights of accomodation of a middle standard. The fee is 250NOK, and the deposit is 10% of 3000*4+2400*3 (nuits)=1920NOK. They pay 2170NOK before we start making a program. We agree on a different standard for the rooms and less activities, for a total of 4000NOK/pers instead of 4800, they still have to pay 16000-1920=14080NOK.
This way you are not paying more than the fee for our experience and support, but we are sure that our work is paid for  by the commissions we get on the bookings.