From sportive to contemplative, Svalbard offers a lot of activities. Our goal is not to list you all existing tours, but to give you the range of opportunities. For more information, click on those appealing you.
To get the list in details, you can check Visit Svalbard’s website. Some of the companies are not members of Visit Svalbard, especially for boat or several week expeditions. Contact us.

If you want information, recommendations or feel lost, we are here to advise you, propose those that fit your expectations and make an efficient schedule to get the most experience out of your stay, within your budget.

Hiking in Svalbard

Dogsledging on snow or on wheels


Taking the boat…

ATV and Snowmobiles

Only in Summer: Kayaking
Few companies propose either half a day either 2-3 days of kayaking. If you are really fond of it, there are also longer trips (1 to 3 weeks) mixing kayaking and hiking, these have to be organized long in advance. Multi day trips implies that you sleep in a tent.

Only in Winter: Skiing
Usually multi-day trips that are prepared long in advance.