For our own tours


The customer is responsible to have a proper travel insurance. Rana Itinerans has a search and rescue insurance that covers transport to the closest hospital in case of an accident.

Customer’s responsibilities

The customer always has to follow the instructions from the guide. Rana Itinerans has the right to deny participation in the tour or take other measures if the customer
– fails to follow the guide’s instructions
– behave in a manner that create a risk for himself and/or the group
– behave in a manner that is a nuisance to the other guests’ experience (including being intoxicated on a trip).
The customer will be held responsible for any extra costs associated with this.

The customers are personally responsible for assessing whether they are physically and mentally fit to take part in the booked tour. (If you are uncertain, contact us! We are happy to answer questions and / or make special arrangements)

If the customer has been negligent and damaged the equipment, the costs for repairs will be charged to the costumer.

Booking and changes to booking

A booking is considered valid when Rana Itinerans has sent a confirmation. Or when the costumer has agreed to a suggested arrangement by Rana Itinerans. Changes to bookings can only be made trough an agreement with Rana Itinerans.

Cancellation by customer

Cancellation shall be provided in written form, the following cancellation fees are charged:

22 days prior to the activity or earlier: 10 % of the price

21-8 days prior to the activity: 50% of the price

7-0 days prior to the activity: 100% of the price

For other tour operators and accommodations

Most of the tour operator, members of Visit Svalbard, follow the same conditions, but there can be variations depending on transport and specific equipment. If different than ours, the sale conditions of each tour operator will be communicated and apply.
This will also be the case for the accommodation.