Three variants of a City Walk, to learn how Human beings can possibly live on Svalbard.
– discover the remains of previous Longyear-City,
– enjoy a beautiful view on the fjord while learning about the coal mining industry and society,
– understand human life facing Arctic, remoteness and climate change while wandering between the most important places for citizens.

How was their life coming up here? How did they build the city? How do we live now?
If you wonder about these topics, this tour is for you. We answer your questions adapting to your main interests, so the tour can vary from one group to the other.

This tour is a nice introduction to your stay on Svalbard, allows you to understand the city, to know the place and to relax after your flight if you came at midday, instead of staying idle or starting to run to demanding activities.

The City Walk is a 2.5h walk around the city, with breaks to warm up. It is available all year round and cost 499NOK/pers.
We offer also two combinations :
– a 2.5h tour followed by an Arctic meal, specially designed to make you taste products of the Arctic with some explanation about their origin and/or traditional use. Price 1049NOK
– a 2.5h tour followed by a 30min Thai massage specially designed to relax your body and mind. Price 1049NOK

Tour starts from city centre at Skinnboden shop. If you’re late, we go in direction of the church, on the opposite side of the river. You can join us on the road.