Based on Svalbard since December 2016, Rana Itinerans (‘the travelling frog’) specialises in customised services and popularisation of science.

In reaction to all pre-set tours that usually need a good physical condition, the company was first created after an injury, aiming at people who need less effort or that other tour operators don’t welcome (kids etc). A previous scientific education pushed toward specialists (ornithologists, botanists, scientists…) that we accompany as safety guards. We also set up a city-walk based on human ecology that is quite popular, especially with its evening version with Arctic meal.
Our background is at your disposal, whether it is to show you the island’s rich flora and fauna, explain the processes that shape the Arctic environment, or answer your questions on local and global ecology.

Thanks to our experience and the network we built here, today we can answer to all kind of requests and arrange tailor-made transportation and different activities thanks to our partners (boat or snow-mobiles for example are provided by them). But if you want a regular tour offered by other tour operators, we prefer to send you with them (and it will be a bit cheaper for you). We would do the same hike only if your schedule doesn’t allow you to join the regular tours, in the afternoon for example or because you need your own pace.

Why Rana itinerans?

This is a Latin name of a non-existing species, linked to the background in natural sciences and the will to popularise science on travels.
It is a nickname I received from Russian speaking friends, from a children tale about a frog wanting to follow the ducks in their migration, to discover the world.
Eider ducks’ and Barnacle geese’s migration brought me here, and like the frog of the tale, who was dropped in a pond and spent there the rest of her life, it seems I am stuck on Svalbard now, trapped by the beauty and the feelings these islands arouse.
Beware traveller, you’re coming here at your own risk!