– Svalbard Museum, hosted in the university building, a small cosy place to discover Svalbard’s history and fauna (think about renting the audio explanation in your language, as the English translation is not complete).
– North Pole Expedition Museum, across the road behind the university, an exhaustive story of the race to the North Pole, with videos, remains and models.

– Kunst Space, on the left, right before passing the fence of the museum, various exhibition events.
– Svalbard Gallery, located in Nybyen, you can see the old maps and paintings from the expeditions, and of course some modern pieces. Part of the gallery is a handcraft center that you can visit also.
– Olaf Storø Gallery, located toward the sea, it displays the work of this local artist, and his equipment for lithography

– Wild Photo Gallery, on the main road next to Sportscenteret, two expedition photographers exhibit their main pictures here (free entrance).

Building loaded with community history:
– Church, a cosy and nice place to sit down in the warm before crossing back to the center, we let you discover it.
– Mine 3 (Gruve 3), only with guided tours.
– Huset, the old community house, open only after 16h, when the restaurant is open. Ask to visit the second floor, witness of the past.
– Mary Ann’s Polarrig, the building displays furniture gathered in typical Svalbardian style (last place of this kind), as well as daily life photographs from different times of the settlement.