Are you lost in the overwhelming choices offered?
Do you have specific interests?
Do you feel a bit unconfident about the expected technical and physical abilities demanded by regular tours on Svalbard?

We answer your questions, advise you on bookings and provide tailor made program to suits your wishes.

For us to work in the best way, please answer all the questions on this form. It will help us focusing directly on what you want and need, instead of giving you general information followed by never-ending emails.
It is also better for you to precise a budget, so we can make different plans that still fit in.

Note: we don’t add any margin to the prices of other companies. But we do use our knowledge of the tours and the companies to advise you, our contacts to propose you tours outside what is bookable online, and solve situations before or during your stay. Once here, you are not alone, we are still helping you with what you need. For this quality service, we will ask you a fee depending on the duration of your stay (see our prices).

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