The experts share their knowledge with novice as well as connoisseurs.
In a cosy environment, learn about a variety of topics, such as history, fauna or ecology on Svalbard.
Change your view from beliefs to reality, ask your burning questions!

You can book them online or ask to change the topic/timing (13:30 or after 18:00)

45min lectures:
– History of Svalbard or Longyearbyen
– Svalbard’s fauna: the king bear and his court
– Climate change and wildlife: how species are affected
– Global changes and life on a remote island: how the world shapes Svalbard’s society
– Svalbard’s nature: the fragile ecosystem we live in
– Svalbard Global Seed Vault and environmental stakes for ‘greens’

Longer lectures (on demand for groups, duration usually 1h or 2h, according to request)
– Introduction to Svalbard (browsing different topics)
– How to understand and protect the fragile ecosystem during your trip
– and much more, according to requests

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