Do you have 30kg of photo gear and/or special interest?
Are you travelling with children?
Do you want to take it easier, slower, later or longer?

Then those customized hikes are for you. We propose you :
– soft / easy hikes
– short hikes/walks outside the city
– slow hikes / hikes at a time that fits you better than the regular schedule
– thematic hikes (landscape, science, history, birds, botanic, northern lights…)
– a one day photo tour (hiking + driving)
– a 3 days photo and hike tour to Piramiden (has to be organized in advance for guide’s availability, transport + accommodation + visit of the city + hike included)

Whatever the season, we provide you with a unique experience fitting your interests and the way you like to hike, from 2h to 12h.
Online, we allow only 4 participants to provide the best experience and support. If you come within a bigger group used to each other (family or friends), we can extend the group.

We discuss about your interests and your schedule before your arrival or once you are here (subjected to availability). We will decide the length of the tour upfront but can let it flexible with a price per additional hour.

Contact us for details

photos cascade et glacier // plantes sur breinosa